Professional Boat Storage Services

Why Professional Boat Storage is Vital

For those who enjoy getting out on the water, one of the most frustrating aspects is transporting your boat or watercraft the long distance to the water.  Evolving storage methods do not always protect your investment from mould and mildew.

Mould and mildew is a big problem for boat owners as it can collect while the boat is in storage due to the accumulation of moisture which is trapped within the hull. This is especially common in the growing practice of shrink-wrapping boats, which is cheaper in the initial cash layout but costs more in the long term.  It is more readily available than canvas (which does allow moisture to breathe through it).   While canvas tarps are better for boat storage, they are costly to have custom sewn and have a life expectancy of about 8 – 10 years when exposed to the sun during outdoor storage.

The problem with shrink wrapping boats is that if the boat cannot breathe, the mould and mildew collects in places where it is very difficult to remove. Generally people who actively boat only spend about 20 hours per week in the boat (where it is open to breathe) and then close the boat in mould-maintaining conditions for the other 140+ hours per week while in season.  Mould and mildew may eventually cause health hazards and challenge the structural integrity of the boat.

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Algonguin Storage is a Professional Solution To Storing Your Boat

Inside or outside storage is available for all types of watercraft in our state-of-the-art facility. We can provide either seasonal or “in-out” storage for anything from cabin cruisers to canoes and kayaks. With enclosed storage, boats are protected from the sun under a metal roof and are open to breathe to prevent mould and mildew issues.

In addition to ridding you of the mould problems, there are many benefits to storing your boat in our Algonquin area location, including:

  • you will save money on fuel towing the boat home and back (towing is also dangerous for inexperienced drivers)
  • we provide 24 hour monitoring of the perimeter with motion-sensitive cameras, and
  • we can provide you with a URL/camera for your own boat so that you can view your vehicle in real time.

We provide quality storage for many types of lake travel:

  • jet skis
  • fishing boats
  • sail boats
  • cabin cruisers
  • pontoon boats
  • speed boats
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Helpful Tips Prior to Storing Your Boat

Your boat will be in good hands when stored in our facility, but you may be interested in the following services to ensure the longevity of your boat:

  • Wash and wax the exterior of the boat
  • Adding a fuel stabilizer
  • Disconnection of batteries
  • Open the corners of the cabin covers or bimini tops to allow air circulation and moisture to escape

We provide all of these services to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for remaining idle until you’re ready to take it out on the water again!

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