Algonquin Storage: 
A Secure Home for Your Big Boy Toys

Algonquin Storage provides a convenient and secure solution to two major issues for owners of recreational vehicles and watercraft:

  1. Transporting the valuable items over far distances in order to enjoy them in a desired location.
  2. Storing the prized possessions in less-than-ideal conditions.
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How Algonquin Storage Came To Be

For the past 25 years, we have had  cottages & properties in the Algonquin area, and  watched scores of recreational vehicles, boats, sleds, and ATVs being towed up and down the highway.  Clearly, the owners of these “big boy toys” would benefit from storage in the area, rather than commuting the valuable items.  The Algonquin Storage partners personally own 8 boats and 4 sleds collectively, so the need for enclosed secure storage became a real necessity for our own recreational toys.

With modern technology and a pre-existing building conversion, we knew we could bring a reasonably-priced, user-friendly solution to customers who enjoy their recreational time in our vicinity.  We wanted to supply a convenient and safe alternative to pulling a trailer up and down the highways, and a seasonal storage facility to protect valuable items from the elements in the off season.

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