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The Effects of Winter on a Car

This summer, Ontario has been reminded of how unpredictable weather can be in the area. Flash floods and excessive rainfall early in July caused thousands of homes to be out of power and millions of dollars in damages.

Preparation can usually prevent any unwanted damages that unpredictable weather can cause, especially with regards to vehicle storage. If you use your vehicle in the Algonquin area during the summer months, you will likely benefit from storing it locally in a secure location that specializes in automobile storage, like Algonquin Storage.

Why Winter Storage for your Recreational Vehicle is Essential

The chilly winter can cause a slew of unwanted damages to your vehicle. Here are a few:

Exterior Damages to Your Car

The outdoors can be unforgiving to a beautiful sports car, especially to paint and metal surfaces. Your summer car’s paint can easily be damaged by the sun if left outdoors, as paint can become faded and eventually chip away if left untreated. If nothing is done, unprotected metal can result in rust, even over the course of just one winter.

Damages Resulting from Living Things Entering Your Vehicle

The winter in Ontario is unforgiving not only to us humans. Just as rodents can take refuge in your house, cold animals may find a new home in your car, especially if it is unused for a long period of time. Birds may find concealment from the elements in your exhaust pipe, and mice may find entry to your car by any means available to them.

Damage Resulting from Salt-Treated Roads

If you don’t keep your summer vehicle safely indoors at all times in the winter, your shiny toy may be damaged by road salts which are corrosive to the paint and metal of your car’s undercarriage.

What Is Safe Practice for Storing My Summer Vehicle?

There are a variety of safe practices to storing your summer car, but nothing is as foolproof as leaving your prized possession in the hands of professionals.

Professionals will be familiar with the following practices:

  1. Adding a fuel stabilizer: A fuel stabilizer is a proprietary mixture which, when mixed correctly with your fuel, can extend the life of your fuel and engine. This is best left for professionals; many people do not even know that the tank should be filled before adding this treatment.
  2. Removing the batteries: This is a great idea for increasing the vehicle’s longevity, but may trigger anti-theft alarms as well as radios locking up, and should be left in the hands of experts.
  3. Lowering the humidity in your car: this is great practice, as it prevents the inner windshield and windows from frosting, which may cause cracks over a long period of time.

As you can see, there are many intricacies involved in seasonal care maintenance. Those who aren’t adept are better off leaving the process to skilled professionals. We’re glad to offer the above services at Algonquin Storage.  If you have a recreational vehicle that you want to protect during the winter, call us at (705) 990-0151 to learn about our storage options.


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